The Riegersburg: The destination for children and families in Styria

Again and again the question arises what to experience with children in Styria. Which destination offers entertainment and educational for the whole family? Riegersburg Castle is the ideal location for a family outing near Graz and in Styria.

During special guided tours for children (from 4 to 8 years) or with the audio guide for kids (from 6 to 14 years), the history of the Riegersburg with all its sights is presented in an exciting way, especially for the youngest among our visitors. Even more amusing information is available in readable form to take home. In his Rüdiger books, our castle ghost takes children on a voyage of discovery and tells them about his mighty fortress.

Rüdiger Geist


At Riegersburg Castle we offer great attractions and adventurous activities for children. Thus, we provide the perfect destination with children on the weekend or even in bad weather. A day trip for the whole family, which will certainly remain in everyone's memory for a long time.

Familie im Souveniershop

For the entertainment of our younger guests, there is a separate large children's playground at the castle tavern with a knight's castle to climb, balance and slide.

An audio guide can be rented in English, German, Hungarian, Slovenian, Spanish and as a variant for children 6-14 years old.


Guided tours for children

In den steirischen Sommer- und Herbstferien gibt es wieder tägliche Kinderführungen. Wir begeben uns auf die Suche nach edlen Damen und tapferen Helden zwischen 4 und 8 Jahren und werden in ca. 75 Minuten manch eine Prüfung bestehen und einiges über das Leben auf der Riegersburg erfahren.

Did knights actually dance?
Did they have good table manners?
Were princesses also brave?
How does a knight's helmet feel?

Is there a treasure in the castle???

Steinkellertor der Burg Riegersburg

Scavenger hunt

The castle ghost Rüdiger has hidden a letter in each of the 7 gates on the castle path to Riegersburg Castle.

It doesn't matter whether you go up the castle or come down from the lift and walk down the castle path - it doesn't make any difference when searching.

Collect all 7 letters and memorize them carefully!

Whoever can name all the correct letters in one of the castle's shops will receive a small reward!

Good luck - you can do it!

Further information and downloads can be found here.

Rüdiger room

A separate room in the Riegersburg, dedicated to our castle ghost Rüdiger! You will find the entrance directly in the 1st courtyard - after the castle entrance. Here everything really revolves around the ancient castle ghost.

Sit down on the colorful cushions in the room and make yourself comfortable. In a short film you will learn a lot about the castle ghost Rüdiger and his Riegersburg.

Rüdigers Freundebuch-Rallye durch die Riegersburg


Rüdiger is always happy to have friends over and even has his own friend book in his Rüdiger room where everyone can sign in. Besuch von Freunden und hat in seinem Rüdiger-Raum sogar ein eigenes Freundebuch, in dem sich alle eintragen können.

But where is the friend book? 
Oh dear, unfortunately it's in a locked chest
There are 6 pictures with numbers hidden in the castle. Whoever finds them will surely be able to open the chest!
We wish you lots of fun!


A special audio guide for children from 6 to 14 years leads through the three museums of the Riegersburg with simple text


For the entertainment of our younger guests, there is a separate large children's playground at the castle tavern with a knight's castle to climb, balance and slide.

Riegersburg Volksschule Burgbesuch Klettersteige


A climbing route specially created for children can be climbed with a guide from Naturbursch Riegersburg.

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Visit the bird of prey station Riegersburg. An impressive and highly professional flight demonstration with birds of prey awaits you. Learn more about the high art of falconry and get to know the kings of the air up close.


The Rüdiger books


Nobody knows my castle as well as I do and if you want you can read everything in my book "Rüdiger and the Riegersburg".

Where can I buy the Rüdiger books?

The two books are available in all stores in Riegersburg as well as in the  Nah & Frisch Store in Riegersburg . The books can also be ordered by phone at +43 3153 8213 or by email!

In my new book I tell you about my first big adventure with friends and an exciting scavenger hunt!