Castle Riegersburg -
Landmark of Styria

The Riegersburg is considered to be the largest castle in Styria and is one of the most popular destinations in the country. As an impregnable fortress perched high up on the rocks and is not in vain one of the most popular attractions in the Region. Thanks to its imposing fortifications and unique location of the castle, it had already yesteryear to the strongest fortress in the country, which has never been conquered.

History is brought to life. The three museums can very well be used alone to visit with one of our exciting tours. You are immersed in a completely different world and learns a lot about life at the castle, admire the magnificent rooms, learn a lot about witches and can try out weapons.

Ascent to the castle

As always, the castle of our visitors is reached – the climb is a priceless experience.

Whether you are in the castle with the 2003-built Inclined Elevatorclassic on foot or Climbing want to climb the castle offers a variety of attractions that are just waiting to be discovered.

Especially for Families and children a varied programme is on schedule. From boredom for sure!

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The Riegersburg is the road of 41 castles and palaces along with the famous Castles. Most of the castles and palaces are also in Styria.

The Castle -
What happened so far



The Riegersburg castle is first mentioned in a document.



In 1822, the Riegersburg of the family is auctioned in Liechtenstein and is since then in family possession.


Witches and wizards

In 1987, the Styrian provincial government has installed the exhibition "witches and wizards", which was to date the most successful Styrian provincial exhibition.


Clear & Solid

In 1996, the family Lichtenstein made a decisive contribution to the Millennium celebrations of Austria with the exhibition "Clear & Feast" – history of the house of Liechtenstein, which is associated with the Austrian closely.


Roof area

A true mammoth project! The entire surface of the roof (roof and roof tiles) in the high castle - the approximately 10,000-square - will be completely renewed.


Inclined Elevator

Establishment of an inclined Elevator to the castle with the help of the state of Styria.


Castle Museum

The castle Museum, under the title of "Legendary Riegersburg – Legendary women", which is located in the living areas and magnificent, is opened after a redesign.



In may 2011, the new angelgte "Leopold is opened via ferrata". In April 2012, Heinrich-climbing follow "get" and "virgin dough". The latter is the only Guide from the nature boy Riegersburg accessible.


Weapons Museum

The weapons Museum will be presented in the year 2013 in the new designer shape in new premises and shows the weapons of the Riegersburg castle from 4 centuries.


Castle tavern

In the Winter of 2015/2016, the castle tavern is modernized and a building with a panoramic view expanded.


Witch Museum

For its 30th anniversary, the witch Museum in 2017 will be re-opened and are now informed with clear labels, and modern visual and sound effects, the story of the persecution of witches.


Defensive walls

Renovation of all the defensive walls around the Riegersburg. At the time of Survey it is found that it is almost 4 kilometers of walls!


The Roof Of The Castle Tavern

In the Winter of 2018, the roof of the castle tavern follows. The roof is renovated and the roof is completely new tiles.


Visitor center

Refurbishment and a complete redesign of the station to the castle, lift, and also serves as a new visitor centre of the Riegersburg.


Pest infestation

Wood worm-fighting in the roof of the Riegersburg.


Always lots to do

And to our beloved Riegersburg, there is always a lot to do. In addition to large projects, and renovations of the regular care and maintenance of the castle hill and the building, as well as ongoing repair work.

It is the desire of our family, not a historical monument of Styria, also for future generations, but also to extend. Because, as the famous Galleries said: "What should I build in 16 years, here, I, the is to see and watch."

Dr. Prince Emanuel v.u.z. Liechtenstein