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During the autumn vacations our Castle tavern will be serving chestnuts & Sturm - Saturday, October 28 through Sunday October 29, 2023, starting at 11:00am!


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Kastanien und Sturm Burgtaverne
200 Jahre Familie LIechtenstein auf der Riegersburg


As a landmark of Styria, Riegersburg Castle not only moves and fascinates people in our country today, but has always done so.


It was 1822 when Prince Johann I von und zu Liechtenstein acquired Riegersburg Castle, along with numerous other estates in Styria, Carinthia and Lower Austria. He pursued a dynastic plan and succeeded in realizing it. The Liechtenstein family has been connected with Riegersburg for exactly 200 years. Longer than any family before!


On the occasion of this special anniversary, a special exhibition at Riegersburg Castle provides exciting insights into the history of the castle, as well as its importance for the family.


Tradition meets art


Since May 1, 2022, some fascinating tales, anecdotes and exciting stories about the Liechtenstein family and the Riegersburg can be read in the former armory of the Riegersburg. One is not only tempted to smile and marvel, but also to reflect. For example, Riegersburg Castle only narrowly escaped ruin several times in the last two centuries.


The scientific support was provided by Dr. Gerhard Fischer and the artistic design by Andreas Stern. For all those who still need historical information, a brochure on the exhibition is available in all our stores.


The special exhibition "200 years of the Liechtenstein family in Riegersburg" is open until November 5, 2023 and is located in the armory of Riegersburg (between 1st and 2nd bridge).