Frequently asked questions

The castle has been the property of the Liechtenstein family since 1822, which also provides for the maintenance of this extensive fortress complex.

From the beginning of November until the end of March Riegersburg castle is in hibernation and closed.

Not in the castle itself, but in and around the village of Riegersburg there are numerous accommodation options in various price and equipment classes.

No. At the moment, no one lives in the castle. Except our castle ghost Rüdiger of course! The Liechtenstein family lives in the village of Riegersburg.

Of the more than 100 rooms in Riegersburg Castle, over 30 are open to our visitors. Descriptions of the three museums can be found here: Castle museum, Witch museum and Weapons museum.

Yes, of course. The museums are designed so that you can visit them by yourself. An audio guide can be rented for € 3.50 in German, English, Hungarian, Slovenian, Italian, French, Czech, Spanish and Russian. There is also a special audio guide for children!

This is not possible because the museums are located in the rooms of the castle.

Some of the rooms not shown are used for storage, workshops or seminar rooms. Some rooms are also currently empty.

Since the Riegersburg is an old building, the answer to this question is no. However, it is possible to take the castle lift up to the castle hill and visit the castle tavern, for example.

This is not possible in the castle, because there are a lot of steps. Tip: Use a baby carrier instead.

Dogs are allowed on the castle hill, but not in the museums and castle interiors. We ask dogs to wear a muzzle in the elevator and to lead your dog only on a leash in the castle area.

Yes, available for purchase in the castle store.

Yes, there are audio guides in German, English, Hungarian, Slovenian, Italian, French, Czech, Spanish, Russian and for children.

Season tickets are not valid for events and other events.

Riegersburg Castle does not participate in this offer.